William 'Pepper' Denham

Ventures Partner

Healthcare Ventures

William “Pepper” Denman is a physician who brings decades of experience to the healthcare and overall ventures team. Most importantly, he resonates a refreshing perspective on getting the job done.

Pepper says “My goal is to help get life moving by improving ideas from nascence to fruition. This is hard but I have been lucky in being involved this several times. No margin, no mission. Let’s get this done in a kind, compassionate way that lifts all boats.”

It is not hard to understand why he has received humanitarian recognition for services to children’s health and multiple academic awards for research while continually helping drive new technology into medical practice.

Now based in Boston, USA, Pepper has lived both in Scotland and London. When he is not sourcing new opportunities and supporting the Ventures team or mentoring portfolio CEOs, Pepper has an eclectic array of interests that keep him a busy bee from apiary to flying.

Although he rates his Tesla as a pretty cool piece of technology, the thing Pepper thinks is the most extraordinary is the advent of “writing”, in its basic form, as it allowed us to begin building a repository of our collective knowledge and memories. No longer did we need to use oral transmission and “re-learn” everything.

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