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Bespoke investment solutions are an important option for a growing number of institutional investors globally. Through these tailored structures, investors benefit from flexible portfolio construction, lower fees and a customised suite of services, allowing them to more efficiently address their ever-evolving investment and reporting requirements.

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Separate managed accounts

Downing’s renewable energy platform was built specifically to provide institutional investors access to renewable energy investments. We offer thoughtful portfolio construction, active in-house asset management with real-time monitoring, tailored fund and ESG reporting and a suite of client services designed to address investors' needs and objectives.

Access to a pipeline of diversified investments

A further benefit of this approach is the mitigation of region-specific regulatory and policy risks that might arise over the life of an investment mandate, as well as the ability to tactically adjust the investment focus over time to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

Faced with rapidly changing energy markets, we believe our access to a wide range of opportunities, coupled with our portfolio construction expertise provides investors with valuable optionality.

Downing’s ability to construct diversified portfolios is underpinned by a large pipeline of attractive lower mid-market investment opportunities. This part of the market offers a compelling opportunity versus the larger end of the market, as quality assets are typically accessible through less competitive processes and carry lower levels of leverage.  

Our diversified portfolios incorporate multiple generation technologies across different regions, as well as the option to include both operational, construction-ready and development-stage assets. Such diversification helps mitigate the intermittent generation profiles of individual portfolio assets and creates a more consistent set of cash flows for the aggregate portfolio. This increased revenue stability is particularly compelling for investors seeking to invest in renewables to achieve a consistent return over time.

Tailored reporting

Downing employs a large asset management team, including energy markets specialists, data analysts, regulatory experts, construction and engineering technicians, accountants, and financial and operational reporting professionals. A proprietary IT system allows the team to analyse 1 billion data points our assets produce every year.

This extensive setup allows us to track and report on a broad range of indicators. Some examples of metrics that we already report on include energy generation (equivalent of homes-powered), CO₂ offsets, actions taken to avoid or minimise habitat degradation, jobs supported and material contractor due diligence. Downing can also manage the production of emissions reports through a Lifecycle Carbon Assessment (LCA) as well as climate risk identification following TCFD guidance.

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