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We have been providing structured wholesale finance solutions to other lenders, since 2020. Our main focus is on providing block discounting facilities to SME lenders and structured facilities for bridging finance lenders though we can consider other types of secured lenders.

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Downing Wholesale Finance

Within wholesale finance we focus on lending to bridging lenders and will consider other development lenders who provide access to different segments of the market. We can also consider lending to other secured lenders.

Wholesale lending to property lenders provides attractive risk-adjusted returns with low look through LTVs against residential and commercial assets.

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A variety of structures can be put in place, with different levels of security and protection. The two typical ones are called forward flow and loan-on-loan.

Forward flow structures

Provide funding for up to 100% of another lender’s loans or an agreement to buy a set of loans, based on pre-agreed eligibility criteria. If the lender lends outside of the agreed criteria or in other pre-specified scenarios, they would be obliged to buy back the loans.

Loan-on-loan structures

Provide a proportion of the lender’s advance to a borrower, typically at an advance rate of 70%-90%. While the lender injects 10%-30%, which remains subordinated to the provider of wholesale finance.

What we typically look for in a lender:

Experienced and stable management teams: minimum 5-year trading history

Net worth: minimum £1m

Existing loan book: demonstrably performing portfolios

Strong governance: compliance with FCA regulation where relevant


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