Investments for Charities

Supporting charities on their journey to net zero

We believe charities can earn a financial return and make a positive environmental impact by choosing to invest some of their capital and resources in renewable energy initiatives. Our long-standing expertise in investing in this area, means we can be a great partner to help charities in achieving these objectives.

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Investing in renewable energy

Investments in renewable energy projects can provide charities with recurring income, which can then be used to support their charitable purpose. Understanding the key performance indicators of these assets, such as renewable energy production levels, also enables charities to engage with their donors and beneficiaries about the contribution being made by the assets that they have invested in.

How can we help

We can provide charities with access to invest into the renewable energy funds that we manage. For those charities with larger amounts to invest, we can also provide tailored solutions. Finally, for charities that are seeking to de-carbonise their estate, our Downing Renewable Developments team can explore opportunities for charities to develop renewable energy assets on the land that they hold.

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Putting the theory into practice

Human Capability Foundation (HCF) is a grant-making foundation in the UK that supports organisations working for the rights of marginalised communities. In 2022, we created a bespoke investment vehicle for the HCF to invest into renewable energy assets. The income generated by these long-term holdings in core renewables is intended to support some of the grants the HCF plans to make in the future.

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