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"As providers of debt and equity, investors have an important role in achieving net gain for climate and nature, positive outcomes and access to the systems for a society to function, and structures for boards, management teams and shareholder rights that provide strong governance."

Roger Lewis
Head of Sustainability and Responsible Investment

Implementing our approach to sustainability

Actively identifying, considering, monitoring and managing ESG factors throughout the investment process and throughout the period of our ownership enables us to create value for our investors and communities.

Sustainability integrated

In all investment decisions,  we identify ESG factors. Risks are mitigated and a foundation for engagement is set.

We aim to use an ESG scorecard is used to identify material factors like biodiversity, energy, waste and  stakeholder impacts.

This is followed by preliminary and then detailed evaluation, including, for most investments.

Considering the future

We are committed to transparency and reporting our impact, as well as advocating for progress in sustainable investment.

Downing is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, the Financial Reporting Council’s UK Stewardship Code, and the UN Global Compact. We are also members of GRESB, the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change. We publicly support the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) and the Transition Pathway Initiative.

Empowering positive change

Active ownership and structured approaches to stewardship across all asset classes, to achieve positive outcomes during our period of investment.

We engage to empower positive change, from support in reporting greenhouse gas emissions to protecting and enhancing local ecosystems, with clarity on the subject and audience for engagement and monitoring of progress.

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Sustainability and Responsible Investment report

2023’s Sustainability Report goes through our activities as a sustainable investor, lays out our key ESG milestones and achievements, outlines the environmental impact of our greenhouse gas emissions, and gives an overview of our investor voice through stewardship.

Case Studies

Solar Sheep

Solar sheep maintain the land in which a solar farm is located in a fully sustainable and eco-friendly way while enabling dual purpose land use. The sheep support the biodiversity of the area by avoiding the use of pesticides, thus allowing local wildlife and pollinators to flourish and thrive. They also offer a low cost yet highly effective method for stopping grass and weeds from overgrowing.

Earth Energy Education

Downing is pleased to be partnering with Earth Energy Education, a company dedicated to getting children out of the classroom and visiting renewable energy sites across the UK to educate them about green energy.

Renewable energy solar farm
Sustainability and Responsible Investment Report for 2023

In our second annual Downing Sustainability and Responsible Investment Report, we outline our approach to sustainability. At Downing, we do not claim to be saving the environment or society, or to invest only in the best-governed assets – but we are pragmatic and we recognise the importance of ESG. Find out more in our report.

Meet the Sustainability team

Find out more about the Sustainability team and how our expertise can deliver investments for charities.

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