Infrastructure Asset Management

Full lifecycle asset management

A dedicated and fully integrated in-house asset management team providing control over our assets and data in real time. Our experienced team delivers a range of operational efficiencies for our renewable energy assets and provides reporting benefits for our clients.

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Our unique approach to asset management

With operational, commercial and financial expertise, our large and experienced asset management team is dedicated to protecting and enhancing asset and portfolio returns. Aided by a proprietary IT system, we meticulously manage our assets from investment until exit. Key operational insights are highlighted through our team's in-depth analysis of more than 1 billion data points per annum.

21 person

team overseeing
c.498MWp portfolio


assets managed across multiple technologies


access to millions of data points per annum

Full lifecycle

management adding value from due diligence to exit

Advanced real-time monitoring capabilities

Our proprietary system collects, aggregates and analyses data:

Component level monitoring

Real-time performance monitoring at component level gives instant insight into the portfolio

Automated reporting

Automated performance reporting and analysis reduces the amount of time spent on gathering data

Instant actionable insights

Customisable alarm functionality allows the team and operations & maintenance (O&M) to react instantly to incidents and reduce downtime

Performance analysis

Detailed performance analysis enables the focused and efficient investigation of any instances of underperformance


Through several integrations, our reporting system is fed with both technical and financial performance information, providing us with live, insightful reports

Data is refreshed every 15 minutes, enabling timely intervention

Reports are customised to our stakeholders’ requirements and are accessible online via a dedicated portal

Automated reporting templates are developed regularly by in-house data architects

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