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We invest in tech-enabled healthcare companies that improve access to high-quality care, positively impact clinical outcomes and reduce the cost of delivery for patients worldwide.

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Downing Healthcare Ventures

We invest in tech-enabled health solutions that deliver value and impact now. Downing's Healthcare Ventures team is led by Dr Nigel Pitchford, who has significant operational and investment expertise - giving us a unique edge in the sector.

By having a deep thematic focus on healthcare, we believe we can generate attractive returns for investors looking to transform healthcare systems everywhere.

18 businesses*

within the current portfolio

*as at March 2023

The market opportunity

Strains on healthcare systems everywhere

Due to a number of trends such as ageing populations, increased demand, covid-induced pressures and workforce challenges, healthcare systems are in crisis -leading to a significant negative impact on patients. This has created a market opportunity for late-stage venture-backed healthcare companies to improve efficiencies and bring to market new technology to alleviate the ongoing strain.

Healthcare on the verge of the next major transformation

Over the last 100+ years, healthcare has developed and transformed as technology has improved. Healthcare is on the verge of evolving once again as it becomes smarter, more personalised and the point of care changes. Much like the preceding eras, this will create new industries, leaders and eventually giants.

The UK is a hotbed for healthcare innovation

The UK is a global leader in healthtech and home to the largest number of digital start-ups in Europe since 2010. Its world-class science and research capabilities act as a foundation for leading health science companies to break new ground. With a combination of early-stage venture capital and re-affirmed NHS goals towards a digital care future, the opportunity set is widening.

Making an impact

Our approach focuses on backing companies that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG3 - "to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages." We see the greatest impact in three ways: better access to clinical care; improved clinical outcomes for patients; and reduced costs. Ultimately, however, the best indicator of positive impact will be improved quality of life for patients.

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